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Splash Into Summer: Preparing Your Community Pool for Community Fun!

As the sun begins to shine brighter and the days get warmer, it's time to dust off those flip-flops and prepare for the eagerly anticipated pool season. For community associations, the excitement of opening the pool for residents is a cherished tradition that requires careful planning and coordination. Here are the essential steps for getting your community pool ready to welcome the community for a summer of fun and relaxation.

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CAI Releases New Reserve Study Standards for Community Associations

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Community associations should incorporate preventive maintenance and structural inspections into their reserve studies—the important budget planning tools that identify the components a community association is responsible for maintaining or replacing, indicate the status of the reserve fund, and provide a stable and equitable funding plan to offset anticipated future major common area expenditures. The recommendations are part of new Reserve Study Standards released by Community Associations Institute (CAI)the leading international authority on community association governance, management, and education.

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Repairing Concrete to Make a Lasting Impact

Communities encounter many problems when trying to maintain safe and beautiful common area concrete.

Spalling or pitted concrete

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Good Fencing

Property owners who are subject to covenants may want to install a fence for several reasons, such as keeping children in the yard, keeping a dog, keeping deer out of the yard or for aesthetic value.  However, your first stop should be the bylaws of your community which commonly contain restrictions on fences, whether it prohibits fences altogether or the type or design.

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